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KARMA’S A BITCH? What is karma? Karma is usually interpreted as ‘you reap what you sow’: if I cause someone pain, I will become a victim (later in this life or in the next one) and if I do good deeds, I will receive rewards. However, from what I have come to understand about karma, karma works in a slightly different way. I have learned that the effects of karma (which literally means deed or action) most of the times aren’t presented to us in the form of swapping roles (eg the perpetrator becomes the victim). Instead, we learn our karmic lessons through recurring patterns: life will keep putting you in similar roles and situations until you understand the hidden lesson and adapt your behaviour. For the perpetrator this means that he will be put in situations where he can harm others until he understands why treating others from a place of love and respect creates better results. For a victim, this can mean that he keeps being victimised until he understands how to break out of victim mentality and create a healthy sense of self worth and independence. So seen in this light, karma can be seen as a patient teacher that keeps educating you the same subject until you understand the study material 😉 ________________________ Tshirt by @love_drunky #karma #karmapolice #samsara #lifelesson #schooloflife #karmaisabitch #foodforthought #philosophersstone #themeaningoflife #spiritualgangster #spiritualcoach #spiritualquotes #lifeisaschool #karmaquotes #karmacoma #whatgoesaroundcomesaround

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